Angry Book Reviewers

We’ve all seen it. We finish a book we love and we eagerly go to to goodreads or another social media platform because we NEED to talk about this book we loved and in the midst of all the other glowing reviews or book discussions there’s 20 comments from people who absolutely HATED it. Not just simple “I didn’t like this book because insert reason here” comments, but scathing, insulting “you must be stupid, your father was a hamster and your mother smelled of elderberries and you are basically the worst if you like this book” or insulting comments towards the author. In a day and age where cyber bullying is widely recognized as a legitimate thing, the book community is the last place I expect to see this kind of thing, but there it is. Over the last few weeks I’ve seen quite a few nasty encounters while scrolling through goodreads and it absolutely boggles my mind. Since when did it become ok to insult others because they like something you don’t? And how dare people insult an author because a book was not for them. What’s worse is that these nasty comments are no longer confined to their own posts, often these types of things get posted in response to someone who writes a positive review. So today I just have a few of things to say. If you are being harassed by one of these losers, paper cut that B. If you are an author who spent countless hours working on a book from your heart, thank you for your hard work and for giving readers one more book to choose from. If you are one of those losers who thinks it’s ok to insult people whether they created something you don’t like or they like something you don’t, cut that shit out. And if you choose to bless me with some insults on social media because I like a book, I will not hesitate to paper cut you.

My current bookish pet peeves

Today I’m going to discuss 5 of my biggest bookish pet peeves. So I did a similar post on my old blog but these always apply and I’m sure that all my fellow book lovers can relate to some of these. Certainly we all have more than 5 but these just happen to be getting on my nerves lately.

5. The industrial strength sticker

I always find it strange that the stickers I buy for scrap booking or for my kids’ sticker books always inevitably turn up at the corners. The ones I BUY FOR STICKING never stick but these bad boys… the ones I don’t want on my books have the adhesive strength of a god. And when you finally manage to peel them off, you are left with ugly lint attracting adhesive that resists any attempt to scrape it off. Just… why??

4. The Ripped Cover

I could blame this one on Bella but it’s actually not her fault… for once. My habit of keeping a book in my black hole of a purse resulted in this ripped cover. I could kick myself.

3. The Movie Cover

As someone who always reads the book before the movie, this one makes me crazy. I like to do the imagining on my own before Hollywood tells me what to think.

2. When the book’s place shrinks

As I’m sure everyone can relate- my books are packed more tightly than sardines. And nothing is more annoying than trying to put a book back only to find that the space it came from has vanished. Leaving you with a tiny sliver of space so that you have to put down the other books you’re holding to try and maneuver your book back onto the shelf. Reading is hard work.

1. And finally…That cramp you get in your hand

I’ve been reading a lot. I also happen to favor big floppy books. And right about now my palms are feeling so worked out that holding a pair of tongs in the kitchen makes me cringe. But hey, priorities right? Is it more important to read one more chapter or to cook dinner for my family? I’m glad you agree. I NEED to know what happened. THEY can skip a meal.

So there are my current top 5 bookish pet peeves of the moment. If you have made it this far thank you and please let me know what are some of your bookish pet peeves?