After many technical issues, a new book blog arises.

Hello and welcome to our page! Several months ago, I decided to upgrade my book blog and self host.  Unfortunately this turned out to be a major mistake for me and my blog.  Suddenly I was getting bombarded by spam emails and phone calls from bogus web designers.  Contacting the self hosting company I was offered an extra security feature along with a hefty price tag.  I debated for a short time during which a couple of my subscribers informed me that my blog link no longer worked.  Contacting the company again I was offered “support” for another added fee.  Discouraged, I gave up on my blog.  Months have gone by and I have been constantly thinking of creating a new blog.  In those few months I have seen my young daughter’s love of books continue to grow and I thought that documenting our love of books together would be a wonderful way to nurture her love of reading and keep track of my journey with books- particularly as I continue my way through my classics reading list (which never stopped during my hiatus) It is a little daunting to begin from scratch but we are reading more than ever and I am so excited to include my youngest little one in this journey through the written word!  We hope to make new friends along the way!


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